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Qiangyuan Garden

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Location: Nantong
Address: 150 Nanjiao Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Fee: 15 Yuan/ticket
Operation: 8:00 Ė 17:00


This garden is located within the Langshan Hill Scenic Region and is the rest place for Mr. Zhang Jian, a well known statesman and industrialist of Nantong. After he died, Zhang Jian was buried here as well as his son, Mr Zhang Xiaoru.

Zhang Jian bought this piece of the land before he died as his family cemetery. The land occupies nearly 15 hectares that can be divided into two portions: Zhang Jianís memorial houses and a natural tree garden, a small botanical garden. The garden is comprised of almost ten thousands of trees that can further be divided into two hundreds tree species, including many rare types of trees. Many thanks to Mr Zhang Jianís eminent reputation, as he was respected by all Nantongís citizens, the garden and the trees avoided the possible destruction during the Culture Revolution.

The garden hosts Zhang Jianís Biographic Exhibit.

See Jianís tomb and enjoy the botanical garden.

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