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Nantong, known as a "Pearl of the River and Sea", is a city with a history since the Chinese Han Dynasty. It has been found that primitive clan inhabitants lived in this region 5,000 years ago.

As one of China’s first fourteen coastal cities permitted to open to international trade and economy, Nantong has a national reputation of "the First Window on the Yangtze River" and is one of the national tourist centers. The city is listed on the China's Top 100 Counties (county-level cities) for its comprehensive strength in economy. With the completion of the Sutong (Suzhou-Nantong) Yangtze River Bridge in April 2008, the city is becoming the best city for its economic growth and foreign investments in the Yangtze Delta Economic Zone.

Nantong City is one of Jiangsu thirteen prefecture-level cities which administers two old municipal districts and 6 county-level cities or counties, including Hai'an and Rudong counties, Haiman, Qidong, Rugao and Tongzhou cities.

Mr Zhang Jian, a local prominent statesman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, founded Nantong’s first modern cotton mill in 1899. His pioneer enterprises finally developed into a business empire and were a solid foundation for Nantong for its later industrial modernization. More >>

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